Introducing Egg

The introduction of egg has changed in recent years. Previously, babies were given cooked egg yolk at around 8 months and cooked egg white around 11 months.

From research (references through link) it is now suggested that cooked whole egg be given (in small amounts) to babies from 6 months of age. Cooked whole egg is best give to babies in very small amounts at first (little fingernail size) then increase as tolerated.

Eggs are potentially allergic but a reaction doesn't necessarily mean allergy, it can mean a sensitivity or intolerance to the amount given or how it was given at the time. Often there are other factors (environmental or social) that add stress to the body making food intolerance levels lower.

This 6 month old baby was enjoying fruit and vegetables and lentils and had no known family history of allergy to egg. His parents ate eggs with no allergic reactions and he was breast fed. This rash occurred within a few hours after he was given two teaspoons of scrabbled egg mid-morning. It resolved next day and didn't worry him in any other way. He'll have another try in a week or two in a smaller quantity.

Research has shown there is possibly a 'window of opportunity' between 4 - 7 months for foods to be introduced and that withholding foods could increase allergic response. It is recommended that babies be introduced to solid foods while they have the immune protection of breast milk.

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