Keeping Baby Warm


When night air becomes colder, the ambient temperature in your child's room can drop quite significantly at around 3 a.m. so if your baby is waking around that time make sure she is warm enough.

Sleeping bags made from natural fibres are great for warmth once your baby is out of a wrap at about 5-months. Unnatural fibres such as polyester can trap heat, making it difficult for your baby to regulate her body temperature. Helping Babies and Toddlers Sleep .

A thermostatically controlled heater can be useful during the cold winter months but be careful not to overheat your baby’s room and don’t leave a heater switched on all night. The risk of SUDI is increased in winter as a result of overheating. 

NEVER sleep babies and toddlers on electric blankets, with hot water bottles or heated wheat-bags. Your baby cannot throw off bedding or get out of a cot to cool down. A baby that becomes too hot is at an increased risk of SUDI.  Keep a window slightly open for fresh air. 

Babies regulate their temperature through their head so keep their face and head uncovered. Sleep your baby on their back and not between two adults in the parental bed. Babies can overheat between two hot bodies and suffocate under a large doona.

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