• Teething

    Baby teeth are eventually pushed out by adult teeth growing up. It’s possible for second teeth to come through decayed if baby teeth are not looked after.
  • Toddler Tantrum

    A TANTRUM indicates that your toddler is gaining a healthy sense of identity and independence, which is a good thing. Therefore, your response to a tantrum is significant for what your toddler learns about controlling emotions and making acceptable choices.
  • Be Healthy From the Very First Mouthful

    Today, merely looking at a piece of cheesecake adds centimetres to my hips. Could this be linked to my poor childhood eating habits? Research revea...
  • Keeping Baby Warm

    A thermostatically controlled heater can be useful during the cold winter months but be careful not to overheat your baby’s room and don’t leave a heater switched on all night.
  • Baby Tired Signs

    Once you have identified your baby’s tired signs and cues help your newborn settle and fall sleep.
  • Infant Misshapen Head

    You may have noticed uneven head shapes on babies. While head shape is largely genetic, how you position your baby when she is sleeping, resting or...
  • Play Ideas in the First 12 Months

    Play helps children learn and develop. During the early years infants use all their senses to explore the environment. They intently look, smell, t...
  • Summer with a Newborn

    Car seats can heat up very quickly and cause body temperatures to rapidly rise, which can put babies at risk of a febrile convulsion. 
  • Baby Feeding and Recipes

    As a parent raising children, it is important to understand that solids are not only to stop hunger and to help your child grow but are also to: d...
  • Nappy Rash

    Some babies get nappy rash no matter how well they are cared for, while others don't get nappy rash at all.  Your baby may get nappy rash when he has a cold, when he is teething or when he is suffering from an illnesses or food intolerance.  Damaged skin in the nappy area is often uncomfortable, itchy or sore. When your baby has nappy rash he may have unsettled sleep due to pain and irritation.
  • Baby Sleep Techniques

    Sleep is a natural biological rhythm but sleeping well takes time to develop. Sleep habits develop from birth and are a combined result of nature (...
  • Managing Twins in the Early Months

    There are some basic tips and techniques that can help with the unique challenges you face with having multiples.