Baby Massage

Touch and movement is your baby’s first language. Giving a massage can be a relaxing and joyful experience for both you and your baby and is one of the best ways to get ‘in touch’.

During the early months, touch teaches your baby more about life than sight. Massage is a great way for dads to be involved with their baby in an intimate way. Gentle massage strokes help build bonds of trust and intimacy, enhancing feelings of wellbeing and security.

In brief:

  • massage can calm both the giver and the receiver, when performed at an appropriate time.
  • avoid times of stress and ensure your baby is also in a calm state.
  • massage can help decrease the occurrence of colic, constipation and irritability, as well as increasing general health and welbeing which aids in promoting settled sleep.
  • massage stimulates the flow of nutrients to cells throughout the body, improving the stability of the central nervous system and the resistance to disease. For this reason, it is important to not massage your baby if he is unwell or recently had an immunization.