Baby Tummy Time

Your baby will be on his back a lot – so it is important to give him tummy time for balanced muscle development and to help prevent flattened head shapes. If your baby already has a flattened head area and does not enjoy tummy time a visit to a baby accredited chiropractor could be the answer.

It is important for your baby to stretch out on the floor for a while after a feed and a burp. If your baby hasn’t burped lay him down anyway. He will burp later if he needs to.

Your baby maybe tired and won’t want to do anything but lay there – but give it a try, just looking around can be enough play in a young baby.

Your baby may not want to be touched and is therefore best left alone to bring calm – as you can see in the video that was exactly what  Maddox needed to relax.

Start regular tummy time during the day once the cord stump falls off. You can begin with your baby lying on your chest and across your knees then progress to the floor. Start with several short periods – and by three months your baby will be enjoying an hour of tummy time or more a day.

You can see in the video how Maddox moves his little legs – this is great exercise and good for bowel function. If your baby has a cruisy personality or is tired like Maddox he will be reluctant to do anything. You may need to give him some encouragement.

Video footage by Tahnee Wimart