Baby and Toddler Suggested Daily Routines

Baby and Toddler Suggested Daily Routines

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Have you wondered if your baby should be having a nap before or after lunch or does she only need 2 naps not 3 in the day now?

Using a routine:

  • helps to organise your day
  • helps your baby and toddler feel secure knowing what is coming up next
  • strengthens brain development with appropriate and repetitive patterns and sequences
  • helps you avoid trying to get your baby or toddler to sleep when he is hungry or trying to feed her when she's tired
  • when you're tired, having a routine written down helps you focus. When you're exhausted and don’t remember what you've done or what you're supposed to be doing next, it helps to have a plan to follow
  • you'll discover how structure helps you, and anyone else who helps out with your children, know what is happening next and helps your child feel secure.

Some parents enjoy routine better than others, and some babies do too but toddlers need routine to reduce the chaos!

Choose one age appropriate routine instead of the complete eBooklet

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