Mum, Baby and Toddler - Together We Learn

Mum, Baby and Toddler - Together We Learn

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Working as a child health nurse and being a mother, I know parenting babies and toddlers isn’t always easy and there is much to learn...

My personal story interwoven through facts and advice spanning over 25 years helps bring clarity and a deeper understanding of what parenting is all about.

The stories will make you laugh, cry and reflect on your own challenges that you face as a new parent.

This book makes parenting REAL. You will find inside:

  •  Basic skills every new parent needs to learn
  •  True accounts of raising babies & toddlers
  •  Find out what to do with sticky eyes, a fever, constipation, starting solids and temper tantrums and much much more...
  •  What gadgets & contraptions you really need?
  •  How to recognise when baby’s behaviour is not usual and what to do about it
  •  What feeding & sleeping behaviours to expect from babies & toddlers
  •  Gain an understanding of how feed play sleep rhythms work
  •  What growth & development to expect in babies & toddlers.

Also available in softcover from external supplier or Amazon