Settling Your Newborn to Sleep

Settling Your Newborn to Sleep

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At first everything is new with a newborn in the house.

The home environment won’t be perfect, and your day won’t always run smoothly but in time you will feel more confident and in control.

This settling your newborn to sleep eBook is designed to help you understand newborn sleep and reveals some rationales and insights into why certain behaviours around newborn sleep may occur. Then being armed with this information, you’ll be able to help your newborn and family get more sleep giving everyone the energy to enjoy the special time of having a brand new person in the house.

The 20 page eBook includes:

  • Six top tips for parents of a newborn
  • The basics of newborn sleep
  • Four common things that affect newborn sleep
  • A quick summary of newborn sleep expectations and what to do
  • How to get your newborn into some kind of routine from birth to 3months (and what does that really mean)
  • Links to give you a deeper understanding of topics involving newborns.

Information on infant sleep available below if your baby is older than 3-months

Putting Them to Sleep eBook