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Night Stay $875

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This is a home visit available for parents in Hobart (25km radius) 

Continual broken sleep at night and unsettled days can lead to strained relationships and symptoms of physical stress - headaches, anxiety, short tempered, nausea and indigestion to name a few.  

Have you found that when you're sleep deprived and trying to learn something new everything seems more difficult to understand, let alone easy to put into practice? We're here to help.

A Night Stay includes:
  • an initial assessment of your situation
  • hands-on help and support overnight
  • a written summary
  • associated resources
  • referral to allied health services if required
  • a follow-up phone call
  • 3-weeks of follow on email/ SMS access
  • option to add on extra follow-on support, week-by-week, for as long as you need.
If this night stay consultation is what you need, why not book now and feel relieved that help for more sleep is on the way.

The payment at the time of your order is a NON REFUNDABLE deposit of $50, the remaining amount is paid at the time of your consultation.

Once your order is received, we'll be in contact with you within 24 hours to negotiate a suitable time to visit. If you haven't heard from us in that time, please let us know. 
At the time of booking, send an email with your baby's age, and a BRIEF roundup of the problem; for example waking 5 times for feeds overnight.
Note: additional travel expenses can be negotiated if more than 25km away from Hobart.

Enquires welcome by phoning 0410 47 5437 or email 

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